Thursday, July 2, 2009

Static method access using OGNL & Struts 2.1.x

We know that if we want to access any static method using OGNL in Struts 2 we use notation @classname@methodname( args ) and it works well. With Struts 2.1.x, by default this has been turned off due to some security issues. You can still access static methods but, you need to tell struts explicitly to allow access to static methods. To do this in you put following line…

For more details on this change check Jira WW-2160

I wasted an hour on figuring out why my static method is not called and found this fix with Struts 2.1.x. If you guys are working on 2.1.x then keep this in mind in order to stay away from frustration ;-).

Cheers !!!
- Jay

P.S.: Actually I should have read Struts 2.0.x to Struts 2.1.x migration guide before starting working on Struts 2.1.x

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  1. Thanks, I wasted many hours trying to solve this problem too


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