Monday, December 20, 2010

Adding spring-ws-archetype In STS 2.5.1 / Eclipse

I recently started working on Spring-WS. I'm already using Spring 3.0, so as IDE for development my obvious choice was STS. I downloaded the latest version 2.5.1 and launched the IDE. As mentioned on Spring reference documentation, I started with creating a new maven project in STS. Soon I realized that STS (at least version 2.5.1) doesn't come bundled with spring-ws archetype. STS requires this archetype to be added manually. It took me while to recall how to add a new archetype to STS (or say Eclipse). After a couple of minutes of head scratching I could recall. So for my future reference and probably for others help here is how you add a new archetype in STS OR Eclipse

Step 1: Open STS
Step 2: Start New Project wizard and select Maven Project
Step 3: Click Next on Select project name and location dialog
Step 4: On Select an Archetype dialog click Add Archetype... button. This will open Add Archetype dialog
Select an Archetype Dialog
Step 5: In Add Archetype dialog add Archetype Group Id, Artifact Id and version as shown in below snapshot and click OK button
Add Archetype Dialog
Step 6: On click OK button STS will download required files from server and new archetype - spring-ws-archetype - will be added to already bundled Nexus Indexer Archetype catalog as shown in below snapshot
Added spring-ws-archetype 

Step 7: Start creating project with newly added archetype. 
Step 8: Done !!!

Note: MVN Repository - is a very good reference to find details of any maven artifacts and versions. I used the same to add details for spring-ws-archetype.

Cheers !!!
- Jay


  1. Thank you very much!! It really helped me!!

  2. Awesome! I kept thinking I was missing a repo or catalog definition in helios. Thank you.

  3. Glad that it helped. Thanks for the feedback

  4. Thanks a lot for this tip ... Helped me a lot !!!

  5. Very useful piece of info. Cheers.

  6. Can't resolve Archetype
    org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Could not resolve artifact ...

    I am getting this when doing the same

  7. Try resolving

  8. Guys, I wrote this way back in 2010 and at that said version of archetype and STS worked and were latest. If you are getting issues with 2.1.4 archetype, it can very well be the conflicting version of eclipse/sts you are using


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