Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Installing Evolus Pencil Extention On Firefox 4

Recently we got a fabulous update of Firefox 4. With many good features and nice UI, we also get to see many extensions stop working. One of them is Evolus Pencil Sketch. Why, because the max version defined in metadata is 3.6.* and that stops the extension from installation.

To get this thing working...
  1. Download the Pencil-1.2-0-fx.xpi
  2. Unzip it with your favorite zip archiver
  3. Open install.rdf
  4. Locate the string - em:maxVersion="3.6.*"
  5. Replace it with - em:maxVersion="4.*"
  6. Save the file. Now your file should look something as shown in below screenshot

  7. Now archive all the files - install.rdf, update.rdf & chrome.manifest - and the directory - chrome - into one zip file and name it as Pencil-1.2-0-fx.xpi. It does not necessarily has to be Pencil-1.2-0-fx.xpi, you can have it as MyFile.zip or anything of your choice.
  8. Now open up Firefox 4, go to Tools menu and select Add-ons
  9. Click Install Add-on From File...
  10. Select the archive you just created and you are done


  1. Thanks jay, Stuck Up here and left the same and waiting for the next release from firefox. :)

  2. So simple! By the way you can also just select File - Open File and select the xpi file to install it.

    Thanks very much!

  3. Thanksss, helped me so much =D

  4. hi,

    I am new to Pencil. I am using trying to use interpage linking options.

    I have page1 and page2. In page1 i place a hyperlink and link to page2. However when i save and click on the hyperlink it does not take me to page2.

    Can you please help.


  5. @ bipin, never tried it, so not sure how to do it. May be you can ask on pencil forum. Good luck.

  6. Hi, thanks for this - this definitely got it working under Firefox 4 but I've noticed that since then, my export templates are no longer working properly. Is it possible that these also require some kind of update?

  7. @ Seamus, have not idea whats going wrong. With 4.0.1 update, I can install the pencil plugin, but now it does not work as expected. I drop window frame, but then I can drop any other controls anymore. There is a temporary, not tested patch available for firefox 4 on pencil google code, but it does not work for me, you can give it a try - http://code.google.com/p/pencil-ff4/downloads/detail?name=Pencil-1.2-13-fx.xpi&can=2&q=

  8. @Jay Khimani, I found a solution on another site that if you drag the additional controls slowly onto the page it will add them.


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